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The ‘First Look’ is a hot new wedding trend that some view as a must-have, and others think is unnecessary. What is a First Look, anyways? The First Look is a special, private moment between the bride and groom that occurs early on in the wedding day before the ceremony. In this moment, the groom gets to see his beautiful bride-to-be for the first time. Your Charleston wedding photographer will set up the scene by scouting the perfect location. We will then have the groom turn around or keep his eyes closed, depending on the setting/scenario. The bride will then slowly walk up from behind him, tap him on the shoulder and he will turn around and examine the beauty before him…his beautiful bride. Of course, our wedding photographers are there to capture this special moment.


So you might be wondering, what is the benefit of doing a First Look? Aren’t we not supposed to see each other before the wedding? The major benefit of doing a First Look is that it helps the overall flow of the wedding day. Because you are seeing each other before your ceremony, this allows your Charleston wedding photographer to use this time wisely. We can then begin to complete portraits of the couple, photos of the entire bridal party and even knock out some of your formal family photos. Instead of waiting to do all of these important photos after your ceremony, this will allow you to have more time with your guests during cocktail hour and it won’t take you ‘away from the action’ for as long to make sure you get the photos you’d like. This assists in keeping your wedding day timeline and order of events on track! Also, if you are hiring a wedding videographer, this is an amazing keepsake to have filmed, to remember for years to come. With that said, we of course completely understand those couples who want to go the traditional route and not do a First Look. The moment when the groom sees his bride for the first time as she walks down the aisle can be as equally priceless.

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At Two If By Sea, we currently have two incredibly talented Charleston wedding photographers eager to capture your beautiful wedding day! Today, we want to introduce you to one of our lead photographers, Colbee! Colbee is a personable, high energy, and creative soul. She is truly at home behind the camera lens and loves the opportunity to create and capture. From beach weddings to historic plantations and beautiful gardens, Colbee adores Charleston and loves the responsibility that comes with being a wedding photographer. There is no challenge she isn’t ready take on and her fun-loving personality makes the process all the more fun for our sweet clients. Read below to get to know her more (who wouldn’t?!)
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One of our favorite aspects of our wedding photography are capturing the smallest of details on your big day. Of course we’ll capture all of the major events like the bride getting ready, the ceremony and vows, your first dance and your guests having a blast on the dance floor, but our goal is create a story through our photographs…the story of your wedding day! A huge part of telling that story and giving an outsider a glimpse of what your wedding day looked like is by capturing details like jewelry, bow ties, wedding rings, your invitation suite, table decor–all things we want to make sure are remembered since you put so much effort into this special day. In order the capture these creative shots, we will make sure in our finalized timeline that we have allotted the necessary time to do so. These shots need time to be created, whether it’s in setting up the background, finding the right light or taking the time to pair certain items that we find may or may not go together for the perfect shot. Today we’ll discuss some important aspects of detail shooting, things to keep in mind for your wedding day, as well as show off some of our favorite detail shots from 2015.

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So you’re in the process of planning your wedding, and whoa is that an overwhelming task to tackle! You have explored every nook and cranny of Pinterest and Etsy and have your vision boards ready to go. Some brides may take the route of ordering ready-made products and decor, while others who are on a tighter budget may opt to create themselves (which we think is so admirable!). You’ll spend weeks even months putting together these little creations that are meaningful to your wedding day and specific to you as a couple, which is why it is important to us to perfectly preserve those details. In 25 years will you remember exactly how every table at your reception venue looked it? Will you remember how the candles were placed or the colors of each floral arrangement? Our goal is to make sure you do! We recommend a solid hour for the bride’s detail footage as she gets ready earlier in the day (the dress of course, earrings, perfume, special family mementos and heirlooms, your wedding invitation suite, and so much more). To capture the details of your venue, we recommend allotting anywhere from 60-90 minutes, before guests have arrived (so no one is in the shot and there are minimal distractions) to capture these beautiful details.
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You want to look back and remember the overall feeling of your wedding day and these intimate details will help you do just that. With Charleston wedding photography we are super lucky to have so many gorgeous backdrops, whether it be in the ornate rooms of a plantation home or the chandeliers of a historic hotel, this place just amplifies beauty in the details. We are constantly challenging ourselves trying to find new ways to creatively display your details. I’m sure we’ve all seen the wedding rings being placed in the petal of a flower or the wedding dress hung in the window of a hotel. Of course these make for gorgeous photos, but we like to follow our own artistic paths and are always in search of the next best discovery of creativity in photographs.

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